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Friday, December 16

Basics of Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application developmentis a comparatively young and budding technical segment. As the number of smart-phone users is increasing day by day so is the demand for mobile application development. Mobile apps development is a complex process as compared to web development and hence requires much more expertise and experienced resources. However, there are some basic development aspects that must be followed by mobile apps development companies while creating apps for their clients.

The basic aspects that must be correctly followed in mobile application development are:

Clients Should Know What they Want:The first and foremost responsibility of the project lies with the client. Clients should know exactly want they want from their Mobile application. Clients should clarify the functionality and features that they want it the application. Questions like how the application will behave, what will be the target audience etc should be clear in the mind of client. As the final expectation from the app would be to generate or help in generating revenue for the organization therefore clients should have clear cut marketing strategy to generate maximum return from their investments.

Developers Should Understand Clients Requirements:The mobile application development company should make sure that the clients requirements are clearly understood before they start the development procedure. It is vital to work on the exact vision of the client and deliver a product that fulfills all the requirements of the client. The look of the app, the design, different features even the minutest details must be clarified before plunging into the development phase. Mobile apps development is a costly business therefore it is the responsibility of service providers to make sure that clients receive maximum worth of their money.

Go for Cross Platform Applications: There are three major mobile platforms i.e. iPhone, iPad and Android. Apart from this blackberry and Windows Mobile also have a fair share in the market. Clients should always try to go for cross platform mobile applications that are at least compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Cross platform compatible mobile apps development increases the market for the application by at least 3 times. Such apps may be a little costly but if you compare them with a separate application for each platform then it is far too cheap.

Proper Project Management from the Developers End:The most important part in project development is the management. Proper and effective management is the most critical requirement for successful project delivery in any category. The importance increases in the mobile application development segment as it is a fairly new and complex technology which requires a controlled development environment. Any unmanaged or poorly handled complexities will later result in a poor solution that will not fulfill client's requirements. Further, it will also cause delays in project delivery which is something that neither the client nor the service provider wants. Experienced managers can easily overcome such situations and deploy a satisfactory mobile solution to the client.

There are many more technical aspects that must be taken care of while developing mobile apps but these were the basic aspects of mobile application development that must be followed strictly. Clients can include or exclude the cross platform compatibility aspect depending upon the client's requirements.


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