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Saturday, November 5

Blackberry Playbook – Get the latest Blackberry tablet smart phone

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Blackberry is the most popular brand nowadays which has been a global hit in the market. Blackberry smart phones are admired by people all over the world. Recently, RIM (research in motion), the company that produces Blackberry phones launched a new tablet computer called Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry Playbook is a candy bar touch screen tablet smart phone which is mainly used by office going people. This mobile phone has dual cameras, one on the front and other on the rear side with 5 megapixel. The front side of camera which is of 3 megapixel is used for making video calls and the rear end camera is for capturing photos. One of the brilliant features of this smart phone is that the tablet's CPU is really very fast. Other features includes Bluetooth and music player. With the help of web browser, you can access to internet. These days, social networking is increasing day by day. Especially, face book is one of the most popular social networking sites. Many people are face book lovers and so in this playbook face book is optimized. You can even download hundreds of apps on blackberry app world like whatsaap, gtalk, yahoo etc. Moreover, with Wi-Fi facility, you can easily access internet. You can thus chat and share photos etc. with your friends, family and colleagues. In this mobile phone,you can save virtually unlimited contacts in your contact list.

This headset measures 194x130x10mm just like a paperback novel or DVD case. It weighs 425 grams which is light and easy to carry. The 7 inch TFT display screen displays 16 million colors which is quite vast. The battery life of the playbook is better than laptop. The battery is made of lithium (5300mAh) which can have standby time up to 200 hours. You can even call records and have ringtones like mp3, AAC+, MIDI and VVMA. In your boring time, you can play games and download it from blackberry app world like motion based and 3D games. So, you play angry birds easily which is the most famous game these days.

Blackberry Playbook runs on Blackberry tablet operating system. You can send SMS and MMS through bridge app. USB cable connection is also provided with the headset. Just like other smart phones, it is a speaker phone and headset is also available with it. Apart from this, this smart phone comes in black color.

You can purchase this stylish and elegant smart phone from the mobile store. You will get amazing discounts and thus saving your money.


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