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Thursday, November 10

Awesome Chinese iPhone Conversion Kits Will Give You A Colorful iPhone 4

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These iPhone conversion kits from iphone repair parts leader Yoyobase.com are awesome. For those that know me, I own a lot of customize stuff. I don't know why, but I like to have these different stuff. That's why this blue conversion kits is right up my alley, because it it makes my iPhone different.

Normally, cheap Chinese kits like these are just stupid, after I know most of US UK based shops buy in bulk from China and try to provide repair service with them, then I think why not give them a shot? To my surprise these kits are actually pretty easy to install, and the quality is totally impressed me.

I used the guide on iFixit, together with another youtube video and zeetron's video walkthrough on their site. It's recommended that you something knowledge perform such a body swap. Well, actually the Zeetron's walkthrough is actually better – they would show you instructions step by step, such as how to peel the old home button off the contact and remind you to take the progective film off of the back camera lents. There is a lot of other covers you should take off—the back of the front display should be shiny and reflective, not payper/plastic.

The install might be intricate to you == the hardest part is keeping track of the screws. I used two muffin tins and a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. If you put a long screw in the wrong hole it can go through and crack your display. I still made one mistake and had to go back--the speaker assembly only has one screw on the right, the left screw doesn't go in until after the motherboard is in, combining the two.

The tools are a little cheap--they worked for everything except the phillips screwdriver started stripping the two (of five) screws labeled orange on ifixit's guide on the plate covering the motherboard. No matter how many times I tried they wouldn't turn. I had to go out and buy better screwdrivers which worked fine. The set did come with a pentalobe screwdriver but my phone had regular screws.

I took off the old earpiece metal screen and simply taped it to the inside of the new body. There is a front camera mount (a clear plastic ring) from the old body that I tried supergluing to the new body, but I ended up gluing it to the wrong place and then the phone wouldn't close. I broke it when I snapped it off but the phone works and looks fine reassembled without it.
The display looks flawless, alone I can't tell it apart from any other. Next to another iPhone 4, it does have a slightly yellower tone, or you could say the original has a slightly bluer tone. But it's actually brighter than the other iPhone 4 on their brightest settings.

My home button works better now, even though it didn't come with a new electronic assembly, I guess the new body or reassembling it made it work better. The home button doesn't exactly match the rest of the phone but in my opinion looks better, it's slightly clearer and translucent and looks awesome and 3D.

All in a word, if you ever dropped the iphone and they broke into glasses, I highly recommend you buy these iphone conversion kits from yoyobase.com, they only sell these for $50 bucks more or less. Don't be afraid that it might not work properly, it will be working well once it replaced. Also it will looks great.


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