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Friday, December 16

Smartphone Leasing The New Alternative To Lengthy Contracts?

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At the moment high end smartphones such as the Iphone 4S and the main competitor handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Blackbery Bold 990, have all seen major technological advances over the last few years. But, to the cost of the consumers. Who now in order to obtain the handsets must choose a 24 month contract that can begin at £41 per month. If willing the monthly cost or the contract duration can be reduced to a more manageable £36 per month or to an 18 month contract. But again there's another trap. As this will incur a one-off fee to be paid for the handset. The fee has been seen with not just the Iphone but many other high end smartphones, around the £99 mark. Depending on how many months and how much will be billed each month.

For many a commitment of this kind can be difficult. Therefore, fortunately there is a large selection of medium to low end smartphones that still offer similar connectivity and specifications but may be made with cheaper materials. Such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the HTC Desire S. Still offering compelling packages but lacking in WOW factor and for many early adopters difficult to embrace.

But just recently a network provider in the UK, 02, have announced the launch of a new leasing service called 02 Lease, where customers will rent the phone for a 12 month duration. This can open the doors for many to obtain such expensive handsets with a very appealing contract length.

The new service offers a brand new phone with no up-front payment. The monthly payments are set to reach a whopping £55 a month. But this will include insurance, 750 mins and 500 MB data with unlimited minutes.

Giving the latest technology to those who do not want an upfront cost for the handset and being stuck to a two year contract. Therefore creating as little barriers as possible. It can be difficult to imagine how many other network providers will begin to offer this new leasing model.

But it sure sounds like a contract that may just become popular. Because living without smartphones for many people in the UK and even around the world would be a nightmare. With everyday activities with such accessibility is incredible. Users have access to a notepad, calculator, camera with up to 8 mega pixels, phone book, internet browsing and not to mention the diversity of Apps that can cover almost ever requirement out there. Even making cheap calls to Australia, USA and even China is now affordable via a mobile phone.

So whether leasing, paying monthly or going Pay As You Go (PAYG) there will always be a demand for smartphones. Further backed by the ever increasing sales for smart phones. What will you be choosing?


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