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Sunday, December 25

Smart Pebble Stand Holder – Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle

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Nowadays a lot of phone stander and tablet stander come into our life, but usually they are not protable or they are not stable, as this small Pebble Stand Holder launched, you can enjoy your colorful world with this cute stander from now on.

Are you looking for iPhone stand or else cell phone holder? Well, Smart Pebbles seems not bad at all. Maybe this small cute things can bring something new to your life.

Smart Pebble Stand Holder - Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle

Smart Pebbles is designed by DesignMAX from South Korea. Each pack of Smart Pebbles consists of two pebbles in different colors. In fact, these pebbles are pebble-shaped platinum-silicon bases instead of real stones. You can freely attach pebble-shaped bases in order to set the best place for your cell phone by means of the similar function of suction cup. From the images, Smart Pebbles even can become a laptop stand or a holder for the desk accessories.

The shape of ‘Your Pebbles' is inspired from the pebbles which we can easily find around us. The Smart Pebble is oval in shape with a hollow middle design. It can be easily fixed on the smooth surface; just push it and it becomes a solid silicon blocks. It can be used alone or stacked together to create a number of different angles stand. Smart Pebble's sticky surface can support your device on top. The inner side of ‘Your Pebbles' is hollow, this allows cell phones or laptops to be placed on securely and is the main characteristic of this product. Made from silicon, it is non-slippery; your cellular phone will not slip away easily. It is also heat resistant, sufficient enough to act as a cooler for your laptop. Although it is non-slippery, if you wish for more adhesion, press upper center of the product, this way you will have more secure fixture. Likewise, you may stack them up into a column with 2 or 3 pebbles, enabling the users to easily create new angles as they prefer. Using these silicon pebbles will also prevent from getting new scratches on your mobile devices.

What's more, this is a new concept of mobile cradle for you, made from platinum silicon, it is harmless to human body. This gadget is designed for your iPhone, smart phones, or notebooks. It could be used as wrist pad and can also securely place your favorite devices without scratching its surface. You can even reverse the Smart Pebble for storing keys or change! It also can use for any mobile phone, and you can tidy your goods with these " Smart Pebbles", USB, necklace or even earrings. Place them in the inner hollow side of the pebble. Plus, it's a simple way to tidy up your desk.

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