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Thursday, December 15

Prepaid Phone Cards - Cheapest Way to Make Calls to New Zealand

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Now days many people are migrating from one country to another either to acquire quality education or in search of better work opportunities. In some cases, however, people travel abroad just to spend their vacations. New Zealand is one such country that attracts a number of tourists who plan to spend their vacations overseas. It is situated to the northeast of Australia and provides a great opportunity to those who seek adventure.

However, if any of your family members or relatives is travelling to New Zealand, you will definitely need to stay in contact with them. Although technology has opened a number of ways to communicate with our loved ones living overseas, many people still prefer staying in touch with their relatives over the phone.

How to Dial a Call to New Zealand?

If you are living in the United States or Canada and you want to make a call to New Zealand the first step you need to do is to dial the exit code "011". This is applicable for calling anywhere out of US or Canada. Next, you are required to dial the New Zealand country code "64" followed by the one-digit area code. In the end you simply dial the seven-digit desired number and your connection will be established.

Using Prepaid Phone Cards

Calling overseas can be very expensive, however, with the advent of prepaid phone cards making calls to New Zealand or any other country has become very cheap. With prepaid phone cards you can simply buy a fixed number of minutes and get it recharged whenever your balance ends up. They are considered to be the best option to talk to your family and friends over the phone due to a number of reasons.

Cheap Calling Rates

Prepaid phone cards offer very cheap calling rates for calling abroad such as New Zealand. Along with cheap rates some service providers also offer special discounts depending on the frequency of calls you make.

No Hidden Charges

Moreover, they have a fixed price and there are no additional charges or hidden costs associated with them. They are available in different prices so that everyone can afford to buy them. Thus, depending on your destination and usage you should choose the card that offers the lowest call rates and the best deals. This will help you limit your telephone expenses and will eliminate the chances of overspending on telephone bills.

Easily Available

They are easily available in the market or over the Internet and can be used through your mobile phone, smart phone or even landline. You must make sure that you purchase your card from a well-known website to reduce the chances of fraud. Once you have bought your card all you require is the PIN number and the access number to put your calls through.


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