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Friday, December 23

Nokia Lumia Accessory Covers

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The Nokia Lumia 800 is a phone that has been tagged as a handset with a head turning design, vivid colors, and a handset with one of the best social and internet performances .It comes equipped with an easy to use touch screen, integrated communication threads, and Internet Explorer 9. It goes without saying that such a piece needs to be handled with the finesse that it commands. What you need to sheath your Nokia Lumia 800 is an accessory cover that fits to perfection almost hand in glove in so far as partnerships are concerned. The following Nokia Lumia 800 accessory covers can do such a task.

The list below gives a list of a leather cases that are used to sheath the Nokia Lumia 800:

ü The Horizontal Pouch type: As its name suggests this pouch essentially lets in the phone enter via the horizontal angle. The pouch has a retail price of some $ 30.

ü The Vertical Pouch type: As the name suggest, the port of entry to this pouch is via slotting in the phone in the horizontal angel. This vertical entry designed pouche essentially comes in two designs i.e. those that have a belt clip and those that lack such a feature. The pouch retails for the listed price of $ 30.

ü The Vertical Pouch Type, belt clip included: This is a variant of the vertical pouch type with the only twist in its design being that it comes with a belt clip. The sheath retails for the listed price of some $ 33.

ü The Vertical Pouch type Crocodile pattern: The difference between this pouch type and other variants of this design simply comes down to issues textural. Whilst the standard Vertical style pouch type design is made from ordinary leather this design (its skin) is extrapolated from crocodile skin a fact that makes it head and shoulders above many a leather pouch in the market. The sheath retails for a listed price of $ 34 and comes in black color.

The advantages of leather as a pouch are obviously innumerable: The sturdy material for one help in sheathing the phone from external disturbances in a way that no other material can. Similarly a leather pouch also has advantages over other sheaths in the sense that it is durable -sometimes even outlasting the product that it sheaths. Lastly a leather sheath has the advantage of matching the quality of the FONE by giving the phone that executive look as opposed to a sheath that might run the risk of undervaluing the aesthetic appeal of the phone.

Other sheaths that you can use to cover your phone include: the ultra clear screen protector for the Nokia Lumia 800. This transparent sheath essentially is made from plastic and protects the screen from being scratched, it retails for $ 12. There is also the screen protector for the Nokia Lumia 800 that is also made of plastic and retails for $ 8.These are some of the sheaths in the market for the Nokia Lumia 800.


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