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Saturday, December 3

Is The Blackberry 9900 As Good As The Apple iPhone?

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The markets has been engrossed with the release of Blackberry phones, but with the recent launch of Apple iPhone 4s, which of the two smartphones will the market prefer? Stating the features of each smartphone will determine which will appeal most to the crowd.

Blackberry 9900 already has an advantage over iPhone 4s because of its QWERTY keypad. There are some Blackberry phones come with touch screen facility also and you can have 2.8 inch screen with multimedia graphic display here . On the other hand, iPhone 4s is providing full HD view with graphics of 960*480 pixels and that is why iphone 4s is better option. IPhone 4s’s processor is another point of advantage for Blackberry 9900 because even with a dual-core A5 chip, 1GHz processor, and 512MB RAM, Blackberry 9900 still runs faster. Though the latter doesn't have a dual-core A5 chip, it runs faster because of its 1.2GHz processor and 768MB RAM. It has not yet been tested which of two performs better because of its leveling race to being the best. There you can find 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory storage in iPhone 4. But Blackberry 9900 comes with 8GB but you can put a 32 GB microSD card here also.

When it comes to the number of networks supported, iPhone 4s has the advantage because it handles both CDMA and GSM support. Blackberry 9900 is only an improved version of Blackberry Bold which only supports GSM networks but Blackberry 9930 is the one which handles CDMA networks in the three Blackberry smartphones. More features would also mean more applications available. One of them is iCloud which does the organizing stuff for you. The Retina Display is another feature supported by the improved graphics of iPhone 4s as it displays every image on the screen sharply for easier distinguishing. Both also have Bluetooth function but when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity, it is only attainable through iPhone 4s. IPhone 4S version of Bluetooth is a specialized type of v4.0 receiver while Blackberry 9900 has the common v2.1.

One way of iPhone 4S ways to entertain and store precious items for you is its camera feature. The previous iPhone 4 only has 5 megapixels while iPhone 4s now has 8 megapixels and lenses larger by f/2.4 aperture. In fact, both Blackberry 9900 and iPhone 4s can have the iOS 5 update. However, the advantage of iPhone 4s over Blackberry 9900 when it comes to hardware is its Siri, the voice recognition personal assistant.What Blackberry 9900 can boast are its Blackberry OS 7 which enables the phone to have a touchscreen feature, Blackberry browser, Blackberry Messenger 6, Liquid Graphics, and applications supports at Blackberry App World storefront.

A few of their remarkable smart phones are Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm. Blackberry Bold measures approximately 4.5inx3in while Blackberry Storm is smaller with a size of 4.3inx2.4in. Their battery life lasts for 13 hours when standby while 5 hours for talk time. It may have features similar to other mobile phones but unlike them, iTunes music can be stored in Blackberry. IPhone 4s’s price has been revealed recently as $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. With Blackberry 9900 price of $349.99, there is a price difference between the two mobile phone products of at least 16%. . But if you want a cheaper yet efficient smartphone, you can switch to Blackberry instead.


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