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Tuesday, December 13

IPhone 4S smart phone cover

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If you are in the market for an iPhone 4S smart phone then you have a dime a dozen choices that you can choose from. The article below will run you through the choices that are available to you:

Metal Shell Shield Case for Apple: Constructed from anonized aircraft grade aluminum this sheath prevents any scratches from besmirching the face of your smart phone. Black in color this cover retails for the sum of $ 30.

You can also elect to go the leather way. Leather as a sheath has many advantages some of which include: it is taut and thus will prevent any scratches from staining the face of your phone. Secondly, leather is long lasting and consequently you need not replace your sheath on grounds of wear and tear during the entire life of the phone. Lastly, leather has a stylish look, a look that spells class and quality. The leather case that are available for the owner of a IPhone 4S smart phone have the following design specifications:

IPhone 4S smart phone cover: ü Flip design that come sin black, brown, red, and white leather designs. This leather cases have a magnetic fastener that is more convenient compared to the traditional Vecro that produces irritating sounds when it rubs on its opposite number. All flip designs with the exception of those that have some form of design on the material retail at the price of $ 33. Crocodile and snake skin patterns retail at the price of $ 39.

ü Horizontal pouch design, these designs as the name suggest allow the user to essentially deposit the phone in a fashion that lets it slide in a horizontal manner. Comes in the colors of brown, red, black, and white and retails for the price of $30. The horizontal pouch designs that come with designs -snake /crocodile skin – retail at the listed price of $ 33.

ü Vertical Pouch design that as the name suggests allows the phone to be slid in a vertical manner. It comes with a belt clip and in four different colors – white, brown, black, and red. The vertical pouch retails for the price of $ 30 whilst this design pattern when tarred with crocodile/ snakeskin design will retail at $ 33.

ü Bookcase design. As the name suggests the pouch is fashioned in the way a book closes and opens. The two flaps of the pouch are held by a magnetic snap and this pouch retails for the sum of $ 30. The array of design patterns on this pouch are rich essentially covering plain leather to crocodile skin leather and snake skin leather. The crocodile skin leather and snake skin leather retail for the listed price of $ 34.

Apart from these leather designs, one can get a shield hard case for apple designs that has a background of floral designs; there is also a shield hard design that has a rainbow background. All these hard cases retail for the price of $ 19.


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