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Sunday, December 11

How a new phone system could help your business in 2012

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Pessimist forecasts from economists and other experts suggest that many businesses may struggle in 2012 so many companies will be finding that they need to invest wisely to ensure that they are spending money in the right areas which will help them grow and increase their customer base. The best way to engage with customers is to enhance communication. There are many reasons why consumers get frustrated with businesses and bad communication is a reason cited time and time again especially if customers find that they are unable to speak to the person that can help them straight away.

Introducing telephone systems can improve communication in many ways. You can route calls effectively by asking calls to press a number depending on which service they want and also allow for a phone to be answered by more than one person, so that if someone in the department is unable to answer the call the caller will still be able to speak to someone. There are also a number of high-tech voicemail options available, which offer services such as sending voicemail to your PC to make sure that no call is missed.

Many growing smaller businesses will not have considered introducing phone systems previously as they may not have needed to have the ability to make more than one phone call at a time, but as your company expands and you gain more staff it will quickly become something you will need.

Investing in phone systems will not only improve communication between your business and external contacts and clients, but it will also significantly enhance internal communication. Instead of sending email after email, staff that need to liaise with each other can have a direct telephone extension so they can be reached straight away. This means that your employees can become more productive and can get to work on tasks right away instead of waiting around for a response to an email.

One of the leading suppliers of phone systems for small businessis Abbey Telecom. A family run company based in Lancashire, Abbey Telecom has almost 20 years experience supplying, installing and repairing phone systems for businesses based across the UK. The staff at the company are experts in Samsung telephone systems and are one of only a small number of suppliers that get their phone systems directly from Samsung as well as one of only 8 Samsung Platinum accredited installers that have permission to stock spares.

The dedicated team behind Abbey Telecom pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, and have an established team of engineers available to come out and repair any problems. Staff retention at the company is very high, so customers will benefit from seeing the same engineer time after time and have the chance to build up an excellent relationship. If you are interested in seeing what phone systems business Abbey Telecom can do for you, visit their website abbeytelecom.co.uk today.


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Abbey Telecom phone system small businessis the leading suppliers. Lancashire Abbey Telecom, a family-run company, with nearly 20 years of experience in business phone systems across the UK the supply, installation and maintenance.

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