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Sunday, December 4

The Best Features of the iOS 5

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Apple devices are one the hottest consumer electronics out there today. What is it about Apple that makes everyone go crazy over their stuff?

Apple prides itself in being innovative and efficient with every product they release. Even their simpler products like their iPods, are designed to give the best listening experience possible.

But you can also look at the unique appearance of their products. When you compare the appearances of their products, they all have very similar appearances, giving them a unique identity. It's like they have their own closely knit family, where everyone looks pretty much alike, but have their own unique features.

This is what makes Apple products unique. Even if you don't keep yourself updated with the latest Apple products, you'll instantly know it when you see a new one. It's like the car manufacturer Porsche. All of their cars have very similar appearances (despite having different performances), giving them a unique identity.

Even their operating system is uniquely Apple. The latest one to be released, the iOS 5, is packed with great features that simply blow away everything else.

If you have a non-Apple smartphone with you, you're going to make a choice. Either sell your smartphone and get an iPhone, or simply get left behind.

1.Built in Twitter

Though not really a big plus for everybody, this is one big selling point for Twitter users who want to update on the go. And come to think of it, almost everybody these days has a Twitter account, so with just this feature alone, many people are going to start getting the new Apple gadgets, or update their Apple devices to the new operating system. The servers of Twitter are surely going to have a hard time keeping up for sure.

2.You can message other Apple products with iOS 5

Using the iMessage application, you can send unlimited message directly to other users of the iOS 5! That means not only can you send to fellow iPhone users, but also iPad and iTouch users as well! Imagine the fun you'll be having and the ease of messaging with the improved iMessage application.

Plus you can send GIF images to your contacts. Should you wish to post a funny GIF image you came across on the internet, you can send it to them in a flash.

3.The convenience of iCloud

If you haven't heard of what iCloud is, it's one of the most impressive wireless data-storing applications. You can store music, photos, documents, videos, and other files you like, and them it pushes them to all your Apple devices that also use the iOS 5!

That means you can store documents on your iPhone, but if you've misplaced your cable for your Mac, you can just access it using iCloud. It's also great for updating contacts on the go. You don't have to manually update your different Apple gadgets. Update your iPhone, and that's it! iCloud does the rest for you.

4.Better Facetime for everyone

If you don't know what Facetime is, it's an application that allows you to make video calls. Originally, you could only initiate video calls over an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Now you can also do it in a 3G connection. Plus, you don't need a SIM card to start calls anymore. All you need is an email address, or a phone number. And most of all, the video quality is better.

These features alone are good enough to make you want to sell your smartphone now. Go out and buy the latest iPhone and marvel at the technological features it has. You won't regret it.


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