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Wednesday, November 9

Nokia Mango Phones Come Loaded With Juicy Gains

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With internet and social networking facilities, mobile phones have had already curtailed the need for computers and now they have a posed even a bigger challenge by including MS Windows in their list of features and facilities. With a MS Windows enabled Smartphone in hand, you don't need to carry a notebook or laptop anymore. Your phone can now serve all those purposes for which you used to depend on your computer. Packed with latest features, these devices are not only smart but are smartest phones and proving very handy to the business class people who need to stay connected over internet for mailing and sharing documents very clearly.

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturing company, which has a huge presence in the global market for its technology-driven devices, is now on its way to launch a series of Windows phones . Nicknamed as ‘Mango', the two Nokia Windows phone are truly the fruits of patience that Nokia users were holding for a long time. The names of the two models are Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 and both are gem of a device, in terms of Windows operating system and other applications. With their long list of apps for all kinds of usages, the pair of Nokia Mango are sure to bowl out the Nokia fans and capture the global mobile phone market within days of hitting the stores.

Now let's get on to the features of the new Nokia Windows ‘Mango' phones. The Nokia Lumia 710 comes loaded with hot features such as:

Internet Explorer 9: The latest version of Internet Explorer would facilitate user in getting internet connection superfast. This Windows phone has also get a very fast processor and comes loaded with HTML 5 which would make browsing fast and easier.

MS Office: Certainly the biggest reason why you should go for this Smartphone . Nokia Lumia 710 comes loaded with MS Office 365 which you can use to view Word Excel and PowerPoint files. You get the bonus in the form of the facility of editing the documents and sending them back. A great feature for the business class people, who often work on the move. You can use them from anywhere as a superfast processer is there.

5 MP camera: Nokia Lumia 710 features a 5 MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens that you can use for capturing interesting moment. Take the high resolution snaps and share it with others via internet.

Stay connected through social networking: Nokia Lumia 710 presents a new feature using which you can chat and send SMS together. You can also view your multiple email inboxes at a time on a single tile and can see updates on your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

Display & keys: The Nokia Mango phone comes with a capacitive touch screen offering a 3.7 inch WVGA TFT display and there is a pinch zoom facility to enlarge the view. For using Windows, there are standard UI Windows's keys.

Navigation: The phone comes with integrated GPS and A-GPS receivers, Nokia Drive for walk navigation and Accelerometer for correct display orientation. .

Software: Windows 7.5 is preloaded in the phone. .

Memory: Windows Lumia 710 comes with 512 MB program memory, 8GB internal memory and 25 GB Skydrive.


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