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Saturday, November 5

How to Engage Online Customers

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Business ability, force outlook to see the advertising is over. Newspaper readership is declining. People use Tivo or other DVRs to fast forward through advertising. Internet and satellite radio are increasingly commercial-free. Thus, the companies are seeking new ways to draw customers.

The social web provides significant opportunities for companies to engage potential customers. This article gives 5 tips for increasing customer loyalty.

1st Use surveys to increase customer loyalty. Many people visit a site every day, just so they can participate in a survey, but this is especially true when a Web site with fresh content too. CNN is a popular example. CNN offers great content every day and a quick way to change an opinion. PollDaddy is one of many ways to quickly and easily with the polls.
2nd Facebook offers many ways to increase customer loyalty. If you run a business "side" have, and you should open your wall posts, so that others post. Enter informative or entertaining wall on a regular basis and include a question at the end of the post. People will respond and you can begin to build a Facebook community.
3rd Facebook groups can build Internet community. Facebook now offers a way to form groups. Like-minded people can come together and interact with groups. Groups also have a real-time chat functionality so that you keep online "events" to bring people together.
4th Add a bulletin board on your site and add community to your website. Community building is an excellent way to build traffic to your website. You have to work a minimum number of daily visitors to the site for this. But if you have web traffic and try to build on it, this can be a great way to make your site a destination site. If your site is built in Wordpress, there are a variety of plugins that add this functionality. There are also several free-standing plug-ins and some excellent open source, freeware like phpBB.
5th Let others promote themselves on your Facebook page. Many small businesses with a physical, brick and mortar presence bulletin boards that allow people to post community events. Why not allow something like this on your Facebook page or on your website. Those things to attend to, can become your biggest fans. The provision of good will is free. And you can return the good will be repaid many times over.

If you want to visit an online destination that people offer, increase brand awareness, drive people to your site and engage your customers.

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