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Wednesday, August 10

How to Add Calcium Intake

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How to Add Calcium Intake: Same as other tissues in the body, bone is also dependent on diet and lifestyle. Bone is the storage of calcium. The more you save and the less drawn at a young age, the more inventory when entering old age. Do not forget the adage 'willing umbrella before it rains'. That's what you should do, especially women who need lots of calcium to cover the loss of calcium during childbirth. For that, choose calcium-rich foods and avoid foods that actually inhibit the absorption of calcium.

Here are some simple tips to strengthen your calcium supplies:

1. Fiber from certain foods can bind and inhibit the absorption of calcium. Therefore, avoid taking calcium supplements along with fiber-rich foods such as whole wheat, spinach, and other fiber-rich foods. In addition to fiber, stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and minerals like zinc and zata anti acid (antacid) also interfere with calcium absorption. Therefore, try not taking calcium supplements along with them.

2. Consumption of calcium in a divided dose. In this way, the body can absorb calcium better way. Also, choose calcium citrate and calcium glycinate are more easily absorbed than other forms of supplements.

3. According to the researchers, it is better to consume most of the supplements you kalisum after dinner rather than in the morning. According to investigators, the body will store calcium in a better way to rest.

4. Do not use anti-acid agent (antacid) arbitrarily. Antacids containing aluminum, a mineral that reduces the amount of calcium in the body. In addition, calcium is best absorbed when stomach acid in conditions that do not. Although the antacid may relieve stomach problems, but also interfere with absorption of calcium antacid. It is better to change your diet to avoid heartburn. That way, you do not need to use an antacid.

5. Do not forget to take supplements of vitamin C, about 500 mg. Vitamin C helps absorption of calcium.

6. Increase consumption of foods rich in boron yag. Mineral, one can also help calcium absorption. This mineral is found in soybeans, raisins or dried grapes, almonds, peanuts, apples and pears. In addition, there is a delicate balance of vitamins D and K, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon to help calcium absorption.

7. Stay active in physical exercise. If you are moving, the body will quickly lose large amounts of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Women who exercise regularly, Masaa shown to have better bone than women who did not.

8. Eat calcium-rich foods such as sesame seeds, cheese, milk, tofu, soybeans, leafy greens, seaweed, mushrooms, and other food sources of calcium. Meskpin you prefer to eat naturally, there is no harm in also integrating with kalisum supplements. Consult with your doctor to determine the proper dose.

9. Limit your intake of sodium and avoiding junk food. Not only for the absorption of calcium, is an effective way of preventing various diseases, including osteoporosis. A recent study womenfitness sites, showed that women who eat lots of junk food had lower bone mass than those who follow a healthy diet.

10. Reduce carbonated drinks. Soda and other carbonated beverages containing high phosphorus. Therefore, it helps reduce the intake of these beverages to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


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