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Tuesday, July 12

Relationship with the Physical Education and Sports to Play

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Relationship with the Physical Education and Sports to Play: In understanding the meaning of physical education, we must also consider the relationship between play (play) and sport (sport), as that term is first popular and more commonly used in
context of daily activities. That understanding will help the teachers or the community in understanding the role and function of physical education in a more conceptual.

Playing at its core is used as an entertainment activity. We interpret the play as an entertainment that is physical is not competitive, although not necessarily always play physical. Playing does not mean sports and physical education, although the element of play can be found in both.

Sports on the other hand is a form of organized play and be competitive. Some experts consider that sport is simply a form of organized games, which puts it closer to the term physical education. However, more careful testing shows that traditionally, involves the activity of competitive sport.

When we refer to competitive sport as an organized activity, we mean that the activity was enhanced and formalized to some extent, so have a few forms and processes remain involved. Regulations, for example, whether written or unwritten, used or used in such activity, and the rules or procedures can not be changed during the activity takes place, except with the agreement of all parties involved.

On top of all that sense, sport is a competitive activity. We can not define a sport without thinking about the competition, so that without competition, the sport turned into a mere play or recreation. Playing, so at one time into sports, but on the contrary, sport is never merely play; because the competitive aspect of paramount importance in nature.

On the other hand, contain elements of physical education both from play and from the sport, but it does not mean only one course, nor should always be balanced between the two. As understood from his words, physical education is a physical activity that has a specific educational purpose. Physical Education is physical in its activities and penjas implemented to educate. It can not be true for play and exercise, although both are always used in the educational process.

Play, sports and physical education involves forms of movement, and all three can be crushed to fit in the context of education if used for educational purposes. Play can be relaxing and entertaining in the absence of educational objectives, as well as sports continue to exist without any educational purpose. For example, professional sports (athletics in America is commonly called) is considered to have no educational mission of nothing, but still referred to as a sport. Sport and play can exist even if purely for the sake of pleasure, for educational purposes, or to a combination of both. Fun and education should not be separated exclusively; both can and should be hand in hand together.


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